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Stinging Insects: Worried? (CNE)

Course Credit: 1.00
Program Summary: Stinging insects cause life-threatening allergies or anaphylaxis. Dr. James Tracy reviews allergy management from prevention to diagnosing to treatment. Dr. Tracy lets you know when it’s time to worry about insect stings!
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An Interactive Case Discussion of an Athlete with Exercise Induced Dyspnea

Course Credit: 0.00
Program Summary: Obstruction of the central airways is an important cause of exercise-induced inspiratory symptoms our Vocal cord dysfunction in young and otherwise healthy individuals. This is a large, heterogeneous group of patients. The symptoms are too often conf...
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Vitamin D Testing (CE)

Course Credit: 2.00
Program Summary: This course will present an overview of vitamin D metabolism and the vitamin’s biological roles in the human body with emphasis on testing methods to identify and quantify vitamin D deficiency status. The major vitamin D testing methods will be...
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